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With ArborXR's file support you can upload any type of file (.mp4, .txt, .jpeg, .json, etc.) other than .apk and .obb to the Files page of your Content Library then remotely deploy the files to the specified path on your devices. 

There are no file size restrictions. 

Hosting & storage

ArborXR offers the ability for customers to connect their own cloud storage bucket to isolate their content (apps & files) from other content on the platform. Connecting a custom cloud storage bucket is an optional step while onboarding after the Create an Organization step. 
Below is documentation on the required configuration of S3 and Digital Ocean to enable the connection to ArborXR:
If you've already onboarded and created your organization but would like to self-host your content (apps & files), please contact support to set this up.

Upload files 

  1. In the side navigation menu, under Content Library, navigate to the Files page.
  2. Click Add Files or Add Folder
  3. This will open a modal where you will need to:
    1. Specify the path on the device where the files should be stored.
      • /sdcard/ represents the internal shared storage of the device, which is where the Movies folder, the Download folder, and app-specific shared storage folders live.
      • /sdcard/ is prefilled and cannot be changed as ArborXR can only write to the internal shared storage of the device.
      • If the specified path does not already exist, ArborXR will create the specified folders. 
      • If you are uploading a folder, you only need to specify the path up to the folder being uploaded.
        • For example, if you are uploading a folder called Folder Test and you need this stored to the Movies folder, simply specify Movies in the target path as the name of the folder, along with any nested sub-folders, will automatically be added to the target path. 
    2. Drag & drop the relevant file(s) or folder, or click Browse to locate the file(s) or folder on your PC. 
  4. Click Upload.
  5. Once successfully uploaded, you can now deploy files to device groups in bulk by selecting relevant files then clicking Add to Group.
    • For more information on device groups please see this article.

Does ArborXR offer a native video player for 360 video (.mp4) playback?

No, ArborXR does not offer a native video player app. If you are leveraging file support for the deployment of 360 videos, we suggest the following:

  • Use a video player app pre-installed on the device, if the device offers one. For a pre-installed video player app to show in ArborXR Home, or for it to be set as the kiosk app, you must follow the steps listed here.
  • Download a video player app from the device's app store. For a store-downloaded video player app to show in ArborXR Home, or for it to be set as the kiosk app, you must follow the steps listed here

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