Upload Processing Errors

Possible errors when uploading versions:

  •  packageName must stay the same
    Within the  AndroidManifest.xml file, the packageName of the new version must match the  packageName of the previous version. 
    • Unity: Player Settings > Other Settings > Identification > Package Name
    • Unreal: Project Settings > Android > Android Package Name
  • versionCode did not increase
    The  versionCode of the new version must be greater than the  versionCode of the previous version. In other words,  versionCode must be rolled forward. 
    • Unity: Player Settings > Other Settings > Identification > Bundle Version Code
    • Unreal: Project Settings > Android > Store Version
  • Signing key changed
    Sign the new version of your app with the same key that was used to sign the previous version. Create and use a custom keystore and ensure it's used by the entire Android development team and any build machine producing .apk files.       
  • .apk not signed
    The .apk does not have a signature as required.
  • Corrupt .apk file detected
    Something has gone wrong with the uploaded file.
  • No .apk file detected
    The system could not detect an .apk file in the uploaded file.
  • Unknown error
    There was a problem uploading your file. Please contact support@arborxr.com.

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