Upload Processing Errors

 Possible errors when uploading versions:

  1.  packageName must stay the same: Within the  AndroidManifest.xml file, the packageName of the new version must match the  packageName of the previous version. 
  2. versionCode did not increase: Within the  AndroidManifest.xml file, the  versionCode of the new version must be greater than the  versionCode of the previous version. In other words,  versionCode must be rolled forward. For Unity developers, this is the Bundle Version Code in Player Settings. 
    • For Unity developers, this is the Bundle Version Code in Player Settings. For more information please see this documentation
    • For Unreal developers please see this documentation
  3. Signing key changed: Sign the new version of your app with the same key that was used to sign the previous version. Create and use a custom keystore and ensure it's used by the entire Android development team and any build machine producing .apk files.       
  4. .apk not signed: The .apk does not have a signature as required.
  5. Corrupt .apk file detected: Something has gone wrong with the uploaded file.
  6. No .apk file detected: The system could not detect an .apk file in the uploaded file.
  7. Unknown error: There was a problem uploading your file. Please contact support@arborxr.com.

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