Manage Pre-Installed or Store-Downloaded Apps

ArborXR does not currently have a separate flow for “managed” apps vs pre-installed or store-downloaded apps. Therefore, the process to add pre-installed or store-downloaded apps to the multi-app launcher, or to set them as the kiosk app, is a bit of a workaround. 

  1. Create an app entry within your content library for each native app you would like to add to our launcher
    1. Add launcher images if desired
  2. Once you have created entries for each of the store apps you would like to add to the multi-app launcher, email with the following info:
    1. The names of those apps in your content library (i.e. the names you gave them while creating the app entry within your content library)
    2. The Android package names of those store apps
  3. Once someone from our support team receives the above info, we will go into our system and associate the correct package name to those app entries
  4. At that point you will be able to assign those app entries to your device group(s) or ungrouped devices and add them to the "allow list" for either the multi-app launcher or kiosk, just like you would with a managed app.
    • Note: ArborXR will show that these apps require an .apk to be uploaded. You can ignore this warning since you do not have access to the .apk. 

Please reference this spreadsheet for a list of popular store downloaded apps and their corresponding package names. If the app and package name is not listed, please add it to the sheet. 

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