Session Analytics FAQ

1. What is a session?

A session (also referred to as session duration) is the period of time between when an app is started and when it is stopped. An app is stopped when:
  • the end-user launches another app
  • the end-user powers off or reboots the device
  • the app is no longer in the foreground and visible to the end-user

If the device goes into standby/sleep (i.e. if the screen goes black after a certain amount of inactivity) without first stopping the app via one of the three methods mentioned above, the app will continue to run in the background and ArborXR records this as idle duration. 

2. What is idle duration?

While there may be edge cases, idle duration means the app is still running and the device is still powered on, but the screen of the device is off and the device is not being interacted with. A device could get into this state if an end-user takes off the device but does not stop the app or power off the device, and therefore the device goes into standby/sleep but with the app still running in the background. 
Given idle duration indicates the app is still running in the background and has not been stopped, a session can be made up of both active duration and idle duration.

A session could even be made up of multiple active durations and multiple idle durations, if the app is not stopped between the instances of activity and idleness. 

3. What is active duration?

Active duration is the session duration minus idle duration.

4. What is average active duration?

The average active duration is the total active duration of an app divided by total app sessions.

5. What is max active duration?

Max duration is the longest single session of active duration. 

6. Why do some devices show long periods of idle duration?

It is possible that the device was left for that long in between actively using it with the app still running, causing the idle duration to be recorded as such. For example, if the device is placed in ArborXR's kiosk mode launch method, it is very likely this could be the source of large amounts of idle duration since the kiosk app is always running while in this launch method while the device is powered on, even if the device is not being interacted with. 

7. What is the unit of time recorded for duration in exported spreadsheets?

Duration values in exported spreadsheets are recorded in seconds. 

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