Pair Devices to ArborXR

  1. Prepare your device.
    Important: Oculus Quest 1 and Quest 2 devices require several additional preparation steps as outlined here.
  2. Download the desktop pairing app.
    • Navigate to the Devices page then click Add Device.
    • Click Download (Windows) if you are on a Windows PC and click Download (MacOS) if you are on a MacOS PC.
  3. Important: ArborXR's desktop pairing app for Windows 10 supports Windows 10 version 1803 and higher. ArborXR's desktop pairing app for MacOS supports MacOS 10.11 and higher. 

  4. Install the desktop pairing app.
    • For Windows 10 users, the desktop pairing app will download as a setup executable. Launch this .exe and run through the installation flow. IT admins can use run setup with arguments to automate deployments and even install the app machine-wide.
    • For MacOS users, the desktop pairing app will download as a disk image. Open it to mount it, then drag and drop the app in the opened window into your Applications folder. 
  5. Pair devices to ArborXR by installing the client app onto devices via the desktop pairing app.
    • Once the pairing app is installed, open it and login with your ArborXR credentials.
    • Connect your device(s) to the PC via USB.
    • Put on the headset and accept the prompt to enable USB debugging.
    • Name the device(s) once recognized by the desktop pairing app.
    • Click Install.
  6. You can connect multiple devices simultaneously and install the client app across all of them with a single click. 

  7. Go back to ArborXR portal.
    • Once the client app is installed click the Manage Device button, which will redirect you to the ArborXR portal on your web browser and will take you to the device's overview page.

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