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Tags are an easy way to group & filter devices and apps. Create a tag and assign it to one or more devices and/or apps. Once created, you can utilize the  Filters input next to the search bar to filter by selected tags. You can create and assign an unlimited number of tags to your devices and apps. 

Create & filter tags

  1. Navigate to the Tags page and click Add Tag
  2. Enter a keyword then click Add
  3. Navigate to either the Devices page or the Content Library page
  4. Select one or more devices or apps
    1. Click on the Edit button 
    2. Select Edit Tags from the dropdown menu
    3. Select one or more of the existing tags, or enter a keyword to create a new tag
    4. To save your changes and apply the tag to the selected devices or apps, click Apply Changes
    5. Your tag will now appear in the Filters dropdown menu next to the search bar

Rename tags

  1. Navigate to the Tags page
  2. Select Edit icon and you will now be able to edit the tag
  3. After renaming the tag, click Save
Renaming a tag will update that respective tag across any devices or apps it is assigned to.

Delete tags

  1. Navigate to the Tags page
  2. Select Delete icon 
  3. Confirm by clicking Delete
Deleting a tag will remove it from all devices and apps it was assigned to

Manage tags via an individual device's or app's overview page

Yes, tags can also be managed via an individual device's and app's overview page. For this example, we will be managing tags via a device overview page. 

  1. Click on the name of device that you would like to manage the tags for to be directed to it's overview page
  2. Now click the Edit button
  3. In the tags field, you can do any of the following:
    • Assign an existing tag
    • Create & assign a new tag
    • Remove an existing assigned tag
  4. Click the Save button to apply your changes 

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