Upload Apps to ArborXR

  1. In the side navigation menu, under Content Library, navigate to the Apps page
  2. Click the Add App button
  3. This will open a modal where you will need to:
    • Enter the title of your app.
    • After you've entered the title, you will be prompted to select the Device Compatibility (i.e., whether the app is built for Pico Neo 2, HTC VIVE Focus Plus, etc.)
    • Note: if the app is compatible with multiple device types, be sure to select all relevant device types from the dropdown menu. 
    • After you've specified the Device Compatibility, click the Add App button.
  4. You will now be directed to the app's overview page where you can do the following:
    • In the Versions tab, upload the app's .apk by clicking Upload Version then click Browse or simply drag & drop the .apk.
      • If your app includes .obb file(s) you must upload a zipped folder containing the .apk and any corresponding .obb files. For more information on .obb files please see this article.
    • Deploy to device groups or to ungrouped devices via the Devices tab. 
      • For more information on device groups please see this article
    • Add a description, launcher image and tags via the Details tab.  
      • The recommended aspect ratio for launcher images are 4:3. 
      • For more information on creating, assigning and filtering by tags please see this article

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