.obb Files

What are .obb files and are they supported? 

.obb files allow you to deploy additional content files with your apps. ArborXR does not enforce any file size limits to the .apk, so moving assets into .obb files is not necessary on ArborXR, but it is supported. 

How do I upload .obb files?

If your app includes .obb files you must upload a zipped folder containing the apk and any corresponding .obb files. For more information on uploading apps to ArborXR please see this article

Can I manage .obb files separately from their corresponding .apk files?

No, .obb and .apk files must be managed together. This means that even if your update contains changes only to the .apk or only to the .obb expansion file, you must increment the  versionCode (Bundle Version Code in Unity's Player Settings) of the .apk and upload both files together. 

Are .obb files automatically deployed alongside their corresponding .apk?

Yes. When you select an app that contains an .obb file and add it to a device group, the .obb file will automatically be deployed alongside the .apk. For more information on deploying apps to groups of devices please see this article.

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