Manage Users

Add Users

  1. Navigate to the Organization Settings page then select Users.
  2. Click the Add Users button, which will prompt you to select the user's role level and enter their email address. After doing so, click Invite
    • Note 1: For more information on the different roles offered by ArborXR please see this article
    • Note 2: You can add multiple users simultaneously by separating email addresses by commas, but you will be restricted to setting the same role for those users. 
  3. Once invited you can monitor the status of their invitation by navigating back to the Users page where either of the following statuses will display:
    • Active:
      The user has accepted the invitation and is now a user in your ArborXR organization.
    • Resend Invite:
      The user has not yet accepted the invitation.       

Remove Users

  1. Navigate to the Organization Settings page then select Users.
  2. Select the more options icon next to the user you would like to delete and select Remove User.
  3. A window will display asking you to confirm that you would like to delete the user. Select the Yes, Remove User button and the user will be removed from your ArborXR organization. 

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