Enable Multi-App Launcher on Devices

What is multi-app launcher?

ArborXR offers three launch methods:

  1. Device Home Environment: This is the device's default launcher (what you normally see when putting on the headset) and the default launch method. While in this launch method, end-users have access to all apps and settings on this device.
  2. Kiosk Mode: This launch method allows only one app (the "kiosk" app) to be launched when powering on a device. This locks down the device and prevents end users from accessing other apps. 
  3. Multi-app Launcher: This is a A 2D app launcher that displays a grid of apps installed via ArborXR. This allows the end user to launch into apps themselves while preventing them from accessing non-ArborXR installed apps on the device.

Is this feature supported on all device types?


Can end-users access settings like Wi-Fi, boundary setup & screen casting while in Multi-App Launcher?

Oculus devices (Quest & Quest 2):

Yes. ArborXR has hardcoded shortcuts to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the boundary setup directly within the multi-app launcher for Quest devices. 

If screen casting is needed, end-users can press the Home button to open the "universal menu" and it's within this universal menu that end-users can access screen casting (among other settings). 

ArborXR made the decision to "whitelist" the universal menu as part of our multi-app launcher functionality for Quest devices because Oculus has bundled the a) boundary setup b) launcher/home environment and c) universal menu into one single package called the "shell". With that in mind, if we were to blacklist the shell package then users would not be able to access boundary setup, which of course is a showstopper. That said, note that our multi-app launcher is quite robust and if a user were to quit whatever app they might be in via the Quit button in the universal menu (which opens on pressing the Home button), the multi-app launcher would auto-launch thereby making it difficult for users to escape. 

Pico devices (G2, G2 4K, Neo & Neo 2):

Yes. ArborXR has hardcoded shortcuts to Wi-Fi, boundary setup and casting directly within the multi-app launcher for Pico devices. 

VIVE devices (Focus & Focus Plus):

Yes. ArborXR has hardcoded shortcuts to Wi-Fi and casting directly within the launcher for HTC devices. Boundary setup is not relevant as VIVE has their devices programmed to auto draw a boundary around the user anytime the user puts on the headset. 

How do I enable Multi-App Launcher on my devices?

You can enable multi-app launcher on both groups of devices and on individual ungrouped devices:

Option 1: Groups

  1. Navigate to the group in question via the side navigation menu
  2. Tab over to Settings
  3. Select Multi-App Launcher 
  4. Click Select Launcher Apps to "whitelist" the apps you'd like to make available to end-users
  5. After making your selection click Apply to close the modal
  6. Click Save to save launch settings 

Option 2: Ungrouped Devices

  1. Navigate to All (beneath Devices) in the side navigation menu
  2. Click on the device in question
  3. Tab over to Settings
  4. Select Multi-App Launcher
  5. Click Select Launcher Apps to "whitelist" the apps you'd like to make available to end-users
  6. After making your selection click Apply to close the modal
  7. Click Save to save launch settings 

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